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PATLAB, the Process Analytical Technology Laboratory in Bucharest, Romania was formed in 2007 through the initiative of Prof Dr J (Koos) F van Staden after his successful application through the Capacity Program (Module 1). This gave him the possibility to buy essential research equipment in order to establish the laboratory of process analytical technology (PATLAB) and bring it to international standards in order to be able to be actively involved in European programs.




It is a well-known fact and has been proven that the quality of life and wealth of a nation flourishes when dynamic actively driven industries do have a very high rate of performance and success with a very high profit margin. The primary vision is to use PATLAB as a basis and source to supply the necessary skills and education with high quality research and innovation to serve as a catalyst for cost effective industries in order to improve the quality of life of the people in Romania, for the upliftment of Romanian people, creation of jobs and wealth for the people and to be able to have a sustainable environment.




The research and development activities of PATLAB are broadly divided into flow-based systems and non- flow-based (discrete or batch-wise or semi-flow or conveyer belt type) systems. Research and development in flow-based systems will be carried out as flow-based intelligent interactive process analyzers and as small scale flow-based synthesis equipment with intelligent interactive built in system monitoring; both for activities optimized to ensure multi-point multi-species real-time measurement.


Recently the research domain enhanced to the Development, Properties, Application of Novel, Innovative High Tech Micro/Nanostructured Chemo, Optical, Electrochemical Sensors in Real-Time for Automated Process Multianalyte Platform Systems. Therefore the purpose of this scientific research and development project is based on theoretical and practical approaches on nanostructured and nanoporous functions that involve a group of new generation fully high performance real-time intelligent interactive multi-point multi-species process analytical technological micro- and nanosystems that also includes new innovations in the fields of nanotechnology/biotechnology (like nanostructured and nanoporous materials for various purposes e. g. for catalytic micro reactors, for membranes, for nanotubes, for water treatment technologies, for chemical sensors and actuators, for real time nanomaterials characterization, development of nanotech-based multi-parameter sensors, etc.). Currently new innovations in the field of nanotech-based multi-parameter sensors {electrochemical, SECM, UV/Vis, fluorescence and chemiluminescence (with quantum-dots), NIR, Raman, AFM} involve studies of the characterization for optimum performance before, during and after detection that become very important. In automated nanoprocess analytical technology basic concepts on sample treatment and processing of catalytic micro reactors and nanostructured and nanoporous membranes form the core of efficient low costs systems.


The main objective with the research and development of each flow-based intelligent interactive process analyzer will be to satisfy the requirements of an end-user with a reliable low cost efficient system that can operate as far as possible unattended or with the minimum attention possible over relative long periods of time. Highly and fully educated specialized young researchers with the necessary skills and dedication will be delivered by PATLAB to supervise and to keep these systems at end-users intact and in full operation.  

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